About Us


To collectively increase commerce, connectivity, among business professionals and share prosperity.


Demonstrating integrity, ethics and core values in business


Volunteering with local community initiatives that take care of the homeless, veterans, and the elderly is an important aspect of B2B Inc.


B2B's goal to support the local community by supporting local first and referring customers, clients, and family to each other.


Here’s everything you need to know about B2B

Business to Business Introductions is a group of business owners and representatives that meet on a weekly basis with the purpose of introducing new prospective clients to the members of the group. B2B only allows one business per business category, preventing direct competition between members. Imagine having dozens of sales people working for you, because your fellow members are carrying your business cards.
Our members are always looking for someone that could use your product or service. When they do find a person, an introduction is made for you and your information is passed along. It can’t get any easier than that!


We welcome you to come visit with us on Tuesday mornings at 7:45am for breakfast. At 8:00am our meeting starts and continues until 9:00am. The 1st breakfast is complimentary, after which there is a $5.00 charge to cover the cost of the food and meeting space.

After the third meeting, you will have the opportunity to give a 3-minute presentation about yourself and company you are representing. On the fourth meeting you may submit your application, dues, and proof of General Liability Insurance (One Million Limit) for review to the membership committee.


Our annual dues for B2B is $120.00 and are paid every February. Once you submit your application you must also submit a check for the prorated amount of annual dues along the background check fee of $30.00. Should you have another person representing your company more than 33% of the time an additional background check and fee will be assessed for said person. GoodHire will send you an email to electronically sign an authorization for your background check.

Once you are a member of B2B, $65.00 will be billed quarterly for breakfast and the meeting space.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Every year since inception B2B Introductions referred business has increased. With B2B Introductions, members hit a record-breaking year with over 4 MILLION dollars of business referred in 2016 and has averaged over 1.6 MILLION dollars each year since. Imagine for only about $30 a month you could be enjoying a nice breakfast with local business owners and/or their representatives once a week while growing your business at the same time.
B2B Members have the opportunity to:

• Increase Profitability
• Improve Presentation Skills
• Participate in Joint Marketing Efforts
• Improve Your Networking Skills
• Become More Effective at Giving and Obtaining Referrals though Member Presentations
• Develop Personal and Business Relationships with Dozens of other Qualified Business Owners
• Become a Resource for Your Customers and Fellow Members